LifeProof FRE for iPhone 7 Plus: Great Audio Quality & Excellent Overall….with a Few Issues…

February 4, 2017 jailbreak 25

The LifeProof FRE” title=”View all articles about for here”>for” title=”View all articles about iPhone 7 here”>iPhone 7 Plus is an excellent” title=”View […]

iPhone 7 Plus: Review & Water Test

January 19, 2017 jailbreak 39

It has a” title=”View all articles about dual lens camera here”>dual lens camera, real optical” title=”View all articles about zoom here”>zoom” title=”View […]

New MacBook Pro drops optical audio out through headphone jack

November 2, 2016 jailbreak 0

Diving deep into Apple’s specifications, AppleInsider has learned that optical audio output capability found on previous MacBook Pro models does not exist on the 13-inch […]

Apple’s Proposed Dual Camera Interface for iPhone 7

August 4, 2016 jailbreak 22

The iPhone 7 is rumored to include a dual camera, and Apple recently described in a patent how such a system might work. More at […]