Tricks cooking fever. Works with the last update. Get a lot of gems!!

The other trick that show in this video:
Trick cooking fever, for iphone & ipad, you can get 5 gems, each time you do the trick

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  1. cant change date on my kindle fire ughhh. i need this because somehow they took all my smoothie cafe board and now its saying to buy it again, when i contcted them they gave me 550 gems and 7500000 YES THAT MUCH in coins, then ten minutes later after i brought the mexican board it was all gone including the one i just brought . and started me back at level one one smoothie. this happened on both kindles. fire and firehd

  2. Working for me on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 with latest updates of Android and the game. I set ahead one day at a time, 2 gems and 900 coins each time. 9/9/2015 at 9pm

    When reconnecting to WiFi the game does not remove gems/money i gained.

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